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Ayurveda, our indigenous system of health care, has now gained global recognition. Over the centuries, India had a fascination and respect for the natural heritage, traditional plant ethics and herbal medicine has become a part of our culture, these traditional practices are still followed in deep woods and interior tribal areas of India. One such area is the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats is very rich in its medicinal wealth. The forests and hills of this region is a treasure house of about 700 medicinal plants.

Tamil Nadu is famous for its traditional herbal plants which have rare medicinal values. The usefulness and efficacy of natural herbs are well known for centuries. Many yogis and practitioners of Indian system of medicine have been using these herbs as part of their diet as well as for medicine from time immemorial. Medicinal plants are also used at the household level by women to improve the health of the family members. They know that the herbs that have culinary and therapeutic usage are safe. These herbs are found in the forests regions of the state and in places like Sathuragiri Hills and Western Ghats.

According to the traditional knowledge and Indian medical systems of Ayurveda and Siddha, there are varieties of herbs for curing diseases such as diabetes (Sirukurinjan, Seenthil, insulin plant); jaundice (Keezhanelli, Vellaikarisalai, Manjalkarisalai); acid peptic diseases (Pirandai, Manathakkali); asthma and cough (Aada thodai, Thoothuvalai, Kandankathiri, arathai, Nanjaruppan, Thulasi, Karupooravalli, Thippili), renal disorders (Siru peelai, Nerunjil).

Our mission is to spread awareness about the medicinal properties of these natural and safe herbs all over the world and to make it easily available through our web store for all those who want to enjoy its benefits.

Yogi’s natural herbs and spices are known for their freshness and fine quality. Yogi’s Herbs can be used as part of diet to improve health, immunity and thereby prevent diseases without any side effects. The herbs are collected from the forest regions where no harmful pesticides are used, they are organically grown. The quality of our herbal health care and personal care products come from long years of experience, Strong R&D and ethical commitment to quality.

Start using Yogi’s Herbs and enjoy the benefits of natural herbs. Definitely, Worth Trying.

Have a great health, naturally! – Team


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